It all started with a dragon's dream.

The dragon Nasiir is sleeping underground curled up on himself. His dreams nourish the trees of the old forest and influence the creatures that live there.

Who am I?

A follower of dream study, meditation, and qigong, I am passionate about what makes each person unique. Writing allows me to explore differences in perception, thought mechanisms, and emotions with a non-judgmental perspective.

Why I made this website

In the same way it's said that all stories have already been told and we're merely telling them in different forms, on this site, I'll be saying things that have already been said by others, in different eras, in different forms, but need to be shared again and again so that everyone can find inspiration, the spark that ignites their interest in themselves, others, and the world.

Why repeat them? These different forms, these repeated stories arise from our fascination with novelty (or the appearance of novelty); they attract and intrigue us, making us want to learn more. And with each new birth, there is always someone for whom the ideas or stories are new. It just takes a spaced repetition at the right time to incubate these seeds of ideas and let sensory and intellectual experiences with always renewed flavors emerge from them.

I'm not here to tell you what you should or shouldn't do, what you should or shouldn't think. In the context of creating your reality, even if an experience is uncomfortable, difficult, or conflicting, it's valid and has the right to exist. One interpretation when hearing someone say "You Create Your Reality" is that if negative things or disasters happen, we are responsible and it's our fault. We wonder who would want something like a car accident or falling into a coma to happen to them. To those, I would say: I won't try to convince you when you're already convinced, but we don't start climbing Mount Everest by launching into an escalation.

There's no blame for not creating your reality well enough; there are no mistakes or failures in creating your reality, only questions: "Are you creating your reality intentionally or automatically with rules instilled in your childhood?" "If there isn't a better way than another to create your reality, are you doing it in a way that is yours in line with your values and personality?" "How aware are you of what you're doing, why you're doing it, and what it does to you?" "What do you allow yourself to choose without opposing what you've created so far?"

I can only share my experience and explorations in my quest to understand how and to what extent we create our reality, as well as what lies behind those words. So on this site, you'll find ideas, instructions, and encouragement, like those given to you when you wanted to learn to walk, swim, or ride a bike. You can take what makes sense in your experience and leave aside what doesn't resonate or align with your perception of reality. But for those that interest you, I invite you to test and challenge them, again and again, like a child who doesn't stop after the first fall but learns to walk by also learning all the ways not to walk.

Reality Creator, I wish you interesting explorations.