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Welcome to the Nursery

Incubating Concepts For Objective and Subjective Consciousness.

The nursery just opened its doors at the start of 2024 and is happy to welcome you.

We planted the seeds of articles and concepts with warranted growth potential. As soon as they sprout they’ll become available to you so that you can plant them in your inner garden. After some time, you’ll be able to appreciate their fruits and share them with others.

We suggest you take what interests you and leave what doesn’t interest you or seems too strange. But if you are curious, don’t hesitate to test our new products with their exotic flowers that will without a doubt surprise you as they mature.

We regularly have new arrivals, so don’t hesitate to come back regularly even if only to spend a pleasant time in our gardens.

Nos prochains arrivages

Germinate Seeds

New seeds have been planted and are currently incubating.

Nourish and Water the Young Shoots

The documentation is dynamic. The content of the pages will grow and reach its full potential when conditions permit.

Expand our Collection

New seeds have been ordered and are being delivered as you read.

Read and Make Connections

Revisit what you think you know by going to the Kaleidoscope or experience it through interactive stories at The Atelier.